How To Prevent Thalassaemia?

Awareness programmes aimed at prevention of new thalassaemia births are a must.

There are two main ways of achieving this:

1. Carrier Screening 2. Pre-natal detection Carrier Screening and Centers in Mumbai are: Wadia Children Hosp. Parel, Tel: 412 97 86 Project Thalassaemia, Cumballa Hill Hosp., Blood Bank, Tel: 380 33 36 I.C.M.R., 13th Floor Multistoreyed Bldg., K.E.M. Hosp. Parel, Tel: 413 8518 Sion Hospital Tel.: 407 6381 We Care Trust Tel: 62315 20

Prenatal Detection

If both partners are identified as Thalassaemia Minor, pre-natal diagnosis should be availed with Hematologist specialising in these tests, called CHORIONIC VILLAS SAMPLING (CVS) normally done between 10-12 weeks of pregnancy. Another option is AMNIOCENTESION normally done between 1 -1 weeks of pregnancy.