Objective six

To strengthen the manpower through Human Resource Development.

  1. Transfusion Medicine shall be treated as a speciality.
    • A separate Department of Transfusion Medicine shall be established in Medical Colleges.
    • Medical Colleges/Universities in all States shall be encouraged to start PG degree (MD in transfusion medicine) and diploma courses in Transfusion Medicine.
    • PG courses for technical training in transfusion medicine (PhD / MSc) shall also be encouraged.
  2. In all the existing courses for nurses, technicians and pharmacists, Transfusion Medicine shall be incorporated as one of the subjects.
  3. In-service training programmes shall be organised for all categories of personnel working in blood centres as well as drug inspectors and other officers from regulatory agencies.
  4. Appropriate modules for training of Donor Organisers/Donor Recruitment Officers shall be developed to facilitate regular and uniform training programmes to be conducted in all States
    • Persons appointed as Donor Organisers/Donor Recruitment Officers shall undergo training for Donor Motivation and Recruitment organised by State Blood Transfusion Councils.
  5. Short orientation training cum advocacy programmes on donor motivation and recruitment shall be organised for Community Based Organisations (CBOs)/NGOs who wish to participate in Voluntary Blood Donor Recruitment Programme.
  6. Inter-country and intra-country exchange for training and experience of personnel associated with blood centres shall be encouraged to improve quality of Blood Transfusion Service.
  7. States/UTs shall create a separate cadre and opportunities for promotions for suitably trained medical and para medical personnel working in blood transfusion services