Strengthening and modernization of J. J. Hospital Blood bank

The State Blood Transfusion Council has taken a decision to strengthen and modernize the J. J. Hospital Blood bank and establish it as a metropolitan blood bank with the objective of ensuring availability safe blood to those in need in the city of Mumbai. Every effort is being made to establish this Metropolitan Blood Bank as a Model Blood bank.

Important objectives of the metropolitan blood bank.
  • 100 % voluntary blood donation.
  • It is possible to ensure collection of 50000 units of blood units annually. And with component separation of all these units, 50000 units of RBCs and 50000 units of Plasma will be available for the benefit of patients in need of blood.

  • Facility of Mobile Blood Donation Van, Bar-Coded Blood Bags, safe Blood Supply.

  • Facility of Blood Donor Room, Component Separation laboratory. Virus Testing laboratory, blood Group Detection & Cross Matching Centre.

The Central Government has advised all State Governments to adopt the programs conducted by the Maharashtra State Blood Transfusion Council. This is a matter of pride for the Government of Maharashtra.